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WilhelmshavenWelcome to the Port of Wilhelmshaven, the biggest port in Lower-Saxony and the only deep sea harbour in Germany.
Only 29 nm away from the entrance of the Jade Bay, the port and its tanker jetties are situated at the west bank of the River Jade. Stretching over more than three nm, the port is subdivided into the federal, naval and City-port part.
Working closely together, the Port Authority aims to assure a safe, pro-ductive and pleasant port stay

The main focus of the port operations are on bulk goods as well as oil and chemical products. With the completion of the JadeWeserPort in summer 2012, the port will also turn to one of the main container ports in Germany and a vital part of the Northrange. Serving as a Hub-and-spoke container port for the Baltic area and Russia, the JadeWeserPort provides a necessary and welcome addition to the extending Northrange reach.

The Harbour Master works continuously on the prevention of accidents, problems and generally unsafe situations. Thus controls and inspections of different enforcement agencies are taking place. Also contributing to this fact is the close collaboration with other organizations like the Fed-eral Waterway Administration, the Pilot Association and Water Police.

If you, as the vessel master, encounter problems in the port area con-cerning the port operations, please feel free to let us know. Only by nec-essary feedback we can obliterate the flaws in our otherwise smooth operational procedures.

Contactperson for nautical port information:

Capt. Lutz Wilhelm, lwilhelm@nports.de